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Causes and symptoms of diabetic Retinopathy

Causes Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is caused by excess levels of sugar in the blood. This excess sugar damages the blood vessels that supply the blood. 202 more words


In-depth Gallbladder Surgery

here we go! Better late than never, but here’s my YouTube video about my gallbladder surgery from diagnosis to surgery :)

Enjoy! New entries coming soon! 6 more words


What Could I Have Done...

The other day I had spotted this baby Dove sitting on the sidewalk. Directly above was its mom sitting in the nest it had fallen from. 414 more words


Somewhere in the world it is snack time

The doctors gave me an ultimatum. I could either stay in hospital for another week or go home on home IV’s.

I think you can figure out which option was most attractive. 554 more words


You're So Vain

I have found myself in heated discussions with multiple people from generation Baby Boomer and Gen X about how vain this new generation, my generation, is. 1,021 more words


14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Wine

You pop open the cork after a killer day at the office, and the luscious wine flows in mellow drops into your shiny glass. Then this voice whispers in your ear. 233 more words