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One-Dimensional Thinking: What’s Your Label?

It sounds like a generic interview question, but what is the one adjective that best describes you? Do you consider yourself hardworking, motivated, conscientious, methodical, a team player, honest, reliable, confident, ambitious, or punctual? 1,127 more words

Self Help

Welcome to the site.. after reading and researching, and meeting many different people, i decided to make my own site on Numbers (Numerology), Stars (Astrology) and anything ive learned about Spiritual Awakenings.

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Answering 'who Am I?'

Heartbreak and heart healed

Wow It has been a full two years since I have been on here and much has happened.I will list some of the highlights for those of you who have not been following me on Facebook and Twitter: 650 more words

Spiritual Well Being

Today my mantra was.. ‘do some, leave some, grow some, do a little more, grow a little more.’

Jyanla Vanzant,In the Meantime


Cracks As Truth Shines Through

I once defined betrayal as when one person in a relationship is no longer willing to sustain the illusion of what is. Within that definition, I have been the betrayed and the betrayor. 213 more words


Day 15 ~ Olaf!

Today, when I got home from work, the first thing I did was…..build a snowman!  Well, not a man made of actual snow….it was a balmy 73 degrees today….but I built my very own snowman despite the weather.   871 more words