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Let's Talk 'Shift.'

During deep Repatterning where you are literally dissolving old belief systems and bringing in new ones there is a process of lifting up and out that happens. 323 more words

Energy Healing


I shout at my alarm clock, clumsily knocking it off the table, incessant beeping continues as my groggy fingers stumble to find the “off” button, somewhere between angry and amused by what is currently the most annoying thing in my life: an alarm clock I can’t reach without getting out of bed. 168 more words


My boring life! 

Oh man, my life is so boring these days! I am not in a sump, I am just relaxing and healing. Trying to enjoy my kids and the summer. 287 more words

Life As It Is

A Letter to Daddy

"Although I have trekked this path of forgiveness a million times, I can confidently say that I have forgiven and I want to ask forgiveness,too, daddy for all the heartaches that I have caused you and mommy."
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The Inflection Point

Instructions on how to be a seer

When you have stared

at the words long enough,

scratch out your eyes.

After you have heard the sentence

burst your eardrums

on white noise. 46 more words


Embracing Crunchy Granola Goodness.

Upon moving to Asheville, I had the most surreal dream about Oats.

Downtown, every Friday weather permitting there is a drum circle.

In my dream, I stood at this location and looked into the sky… 392 more words



My “job” is to do all that I can to remove the toxicity of inauthenticity from my immediate periphery with the laser beam of my heart, first on my own heart; and then into my local/global community. 267 more words