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My Healing Journey - A Clearing in the Woods

At last – I feel I can see a clearing in the woods. I feel so much better. When I felt really allergic, the things I missed the most were fruit, nuts and oats. 143 more words

Healing Journey


A healing story I wrote for Syrian refugee children coming to the Child Friendly Space that AMURT runs in Lebanon for the second training I was asked to lead Р9 months after the project launched. 669 more words

Children's Stories

The Nest Builders

This is a story I wrote for Syrian refugee children. I was invited to Lebanon in the spring of 2014 to give a training for the staff of a “Child Friendly Space” program that AMURT was initiating. 900 more words

Children's Stories

A Real Healing Story!

Healing certainly is a complicated process. Having kept on talking about my thyroid condition I have just had my blood test results back and I no longer have a thyroid condition. 363 more words

Healing Insights

The Healing Energy of Passion & Joy

Monday morning and my son should be at school doing literacy but he is downstairs watching television. He is pale, snuffly and fatigued. Today is his school Christmas play and being a bit of a performer he can’t bear to miss it. 284 more words

Healing Insights

Ah, so I can manage a bit of pressure - just in my own way!

I’m feeling stretched! My son just isn’t well and having been through everything I can think off I am running out of ideas. We’ve looked at his sensitivities, allergies, diet and anxieties and he’s just not right. 317 more words

Healing Insights

Letting Your True Self Out!

I couldn’t bring myself to blog last night – maybe in hindsight because I couldn’t find enough self acceptance for how my day had been. My son still wasn’t well enough to go to school but a bit better so we could ‘do’ things at home. ¬† 217 more words

Healing Insights