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The Air We Breath

This past week, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that baby no.4 was letting me know of its existence. My appetite disappeared and I hurled like it was going out of fashion. 525 more words


Exhaustion and Headache does not go well...

As you know, I graduated from secondary school last year, and entered Polytechnic this April.

It was a massive change and I was looking forward to the start of school. 175 more words

About Pei Gee


Another great evening at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh , this eveings medical update is headaches !

“1st , worst headache , increasing pain in sec/mins lasting under an hr , possibly more than the usual headache …. 38 more words

Hypocritical People

It is just very disappointing to see people try to rise up and bring change, but dont even stick with it.

Or even people that try to bring change, but couldnt because of their lack of understanding of how things are. 104 more words


Migraines suck...thanks mom.

To start out, I had completely planned to do my Whats in my makeup bag video today. I was quivering in antic…..ipation (ha), so when I left to come home my body decided to retaliate and give me a migraine pattern. 387 more words

141 Thursday

The irony in this is that my friend threw it towards me and almost knocked me unconscious.
That and he thought I wasn’t spacing out. 162 more words


140 Wednesday

Been looking at these creative writing challenges and wondering if I should invest in it.
I used to like writing little tidbits but I haven’t gotten the time lately. 22 more words