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And i dared to disagree with, what i call a Tier One Youtuber.

Tier One Youtuber: Someone who has been there since the beginning, among the first people to actually get revenue and make a living from it. 33 more words


FOLLOWERS? | Microblog

When you get a new follower on some anti-social network, but when you check out who it is you wonder why they decided to follow you. 100 more words


Killing Is Not What Messes With Your Head

The first question I get asked, more often than not, when someone discovers I m a combat veteran, is whether I killed someone. Whilst the rudest question to ask, it s also the most obvious question. 62 more words


I am walking around stuck in my head and have decided that the “fact” is that all my co-workers hate me and are annoyed with me. 58 more words

POWER! | Microblog

That moment you phone dies when it still had 19% battery power left!


MUSCLE! | Fitness 2/8

So i guess i should at least try to write a normal blog rather then a micro blog, but then this might turn into one because i’m not really sure i have enough to say that would fill up a normal blog. 344 more words


3 H's to Align Your Life

As we work toward a more authentic and healthy self, the 3 H’s give us a guideline:

Listen to your HEART.

Those inner nudges will often tell you if you’re heading in the wrong direction or if you feel peace about a certain decision. 338 more words