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Senape's Pitza

Today’s lunch was a total surprise. I received a box of Senape’s Pitza from Hazleton, PA. While they do have a downtown bakery location, the most common way to get it is at any convenience store or gas station in the area. 43 more words


Should Crumbling Hazleton Parking Garage Close Until Repairs are Made?

HAZLETON — The 40-year-old parking garage in Hazleton is showing its age.

The exterior has plenty of cracks and rust, and inside you can see a hole from a missing chunk of concrete from the parking deck. 289 more words


Police: 10 Year Old Found with Prescription Drugs in His System

HAZLETON — A little boy from Hazleton is in the hospital after paramedics discovered narcotics in his system.

Police said it was the child’s uncle who gave him the drugs. 362 more words


Man Charged After Firefighter Hit by Vehicle

HAZLETON — A man in Hazleton is facing charges after hitting and injuring a firefighter with his vehicle.

Police say James Caso, 69, of West Hazleton was trying to drive on North Cedar street Monday which was blocked off by a fire truck. 42 more words


Community Center in Hazleton Gets 'Big' Donation

HAZLETON — Law enforcement in Luzerne County made a very large donation to a community center in Hazleton Thursday.

They donated a 92-inch television they confiscated in a drug raid. 142 more words


Tuesday's Tip: Local Servers Aren't Always Computers

Chances are that you, family historian, live within reach of a local genealogical server, an organization that is dedicated to preserving your sanity, as you preserve your family’s stories.   232 more words


Hazleton Man Pulled from Burning Home

HAZLETON — A man is expected to be okay after he was pulled from a burning home Wednesday night in Hazleton.

Crews said the victim was inside the home on Woodward Court when it went up around 6 p.m. 57 more words