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I hope he has a wonderful day :D

NB: I am scheduling this post as it is the 19th already here, but it is not quite the 19th in Canada where Hayden is so I am scheduling this post to post when it turns midnight in Canada :D and it is really Haydens birthday where he is :D


The reluctant rock star: How Toronto singer-songwriter Hayden got famous, rejected the spotlight and came to play music on his own terms

Sixteen years after a self-imposed exile from stardom, Hayden travels in a van and sets up his own gear. But he’s not struggling, either. Not really


Duo Fan Pic

This lucky man has met both Natalie and Hayden (not jealous…not jealous 😜)

Finishing up this #starwars #swca #tbt with #anakinskywalker #haydenchristensen #padmeamidala #natalieportman!

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Maude Arsenault

2 new photoshoot pics from the RW & Co Summer Collection


Review: Trafika Europe, 'Polish Nocturne'

My review of Trafika Europe‘s Polish issue, Polish Nocturne is now live on Sabotage Reviews.

What’s not clear from the review is how I intended to concentrate purely on the poetry in the volume, but after starting to read the opening piece by Wiesław Myśliwski, ‘A Treatise on Shelling Beans’ I couldn’t hold back. 121 more words



I must be losing it LOL, I thought I had posted this a couple of days ago, well anyway if you were wondering where the pic in the new banner came from, like Lilith from the… 14 more words