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One year of marriage

It’s been a year. It’s been a year…? Whaaaat. It’s actually insane. I still have friends, that I consider good friends, that don’t even KNOW I am married. 487 more words


5 Cool Facts about Volcanoes

  1. In the context of human history, the largest recorded volcanic eruption occurred at Mount Tambora in 1815. This eruption ranks at a 7 on the volcanic explosivity index (VEI).
  2. 249 more words

Again with the Ice

Damn I wish I did today’s holiday. National Sourdough Bread Day would have been stellar too. I love bread. All types of bread because yum. I love carbs, but they are so bad for you sadly. 87 more words



One of my favourite places on earth is oahu especially waikiki beach in honolulu. i know Globetrotters end up shouting now because there are many other beautiful beaches on Hawaii. 64 more words


Maui we'll be back

Please find the link to my story about our stay on the Hawaiian island of Maui – published on my Travel BlogĀ http://travelbugwithin.com.au/2015/03/maui-well-be-back/

A little internal smirk – its only been 11 months since our visit – been a little pre-occupied with another project – watch this space …… 20 more words

Travel Stories

Big Island adventure

My friend Dan has a friend on the Big Island, right outside Hilo town, and when he was going there to help out with finishing the house they are building, Dan invited me to come for a few days. 439 more words


Tourists Like White Elephants

According to my ticket, the code for the Maui airport was OGG. Things were off to a strange start.

Boarding the plane, I could tell I was alone. 663 more words