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Maui Monarchs

Try as I might the last week, I had been unable to capture on my camera what looked at first glance to be a Monarch Butterfly. 115 more words

Travelin' Fool

A Beautiful Aloha Friday Evening In Paradise

Sunset on The Great Lawn at The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Absolutely gorgeous



A Lesson Learned...

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin, plus this story contains violence and or rape, it’s just for fun, I do not endorse rape or violence. 1,928 more words


The Green House

This post will explore what I like to call “alternatives to the alternatives” in housing. This story demonstrates what’s possible if you’re willing to try something new and a bit out of the ordinary. 662 more words

Max Floats His Boat

Since 1999, an esoteric Buddhist denomination called Shinnyo-en has sponsored a “Lantern Floating” ceremony on Memorial Day to create a moment of reflection and collective compassion and remember those who have passed. 844 more words

Max's Stories

Joanne Corey reblogged this on Top of JC's Mind and commented:

My daughter attended this year's ceremony. The combining/adaptation/re-interpretation of cultural elements doesn't surprise me as it happens so frequently in Hawai'i. Thanks to Within the K Streets for this post and to Rowena of beyondtheflow, whose reblog brought me here. JC

Honolulu: beyond the beach and cocktails

Having written about O’ahu in a previous post, I figured I should go back to Hawai’i and its perfect shore to give you an idea of what there is to do there beyond the beach and the cocktails. 1,124 more words