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Talk Story With Prime

Las year I was lucky enough to attend the University of Hawaii during their Fall 2014 semester. I found amazing street art in both Hawaii and Los Angeles when I visited for Thanksgiving. 679 more words


Stories and Rain

A light Mānoa rain flicks
down so lightly you can’t even
really see the drops. Just cold,
tingling moments— like stars
in the milliseconds after they explode. 217 more words


Hello wordpress!!!

Greetings! From my desk….i’m starting this blog which may or may not be updated on a usual basis. The reason? Well…life.

Living in Hawaii is NOT the easy laid back life it seems to be as its portrayed on movies and films. 86 more words


I've been busy in Hawaii

I just realized I haven’t done a blog posting since January 21st!!  That’s a long time ago.  May I just say I’ve been busy? Let’s start with Hawaii! 1,151 more words


Oahu Travel Guide

Oahu, central island of Hawaii, home to the capitol city Honolulu, and one of my favorite places in the entire world. I traveled there for the first time in 2002 when I was a mere 9 years old and in the 13 years since I’ve been back 7 times. 2,091 more words


Thank God for turbulence.

En Route to our honeymoon in Honolulu, a group of tourists held hostage one-half of the airplane. I say “hostage,” only because they continuously blocked the aisle, touching base with one another, walking from pal to pal to child, to cousin, sharing laughter in a tongue I did not recognize (well, any language outside of English; Pig Latin; enough Spanish to get into trouble; and choice Tagalog phrases, is baffling to me). 434 more words

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