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Reblog: About Me

About Me.

“I really liked him, and I didn’t want the fact that he couldn’t get me off to be the reason that we broke up. 39 more words



his name was ryan. he was two years older than me & i hated him. i hated everything about him. the way he treated girls. the way he smiled when he took selfies. 211 more words

First Time

Eat Healthy And Die Of Malnutrition - The Lesser Of The Evils

Don’t eat salt. Don’t eat fat. Don’t eat sugar. If you are lactose intolerant, don’t eat or drink dairy products. If you are celiac, don’t eat bread products. 832 more words


13 Types of Special Sex You Will Probably Have

I lost my virginity the way that most girls dream about: to my dedicated, kind high school boyfriend who adored me, with candles lit and Boys II Men playing softly in the background. 200 more words


"...only 44 percent of women claim to have had an orgasm in their most recent sexual encounter."

I wrote a post that I think is really important, but it didn’t get a lot of hits.  Then I read this post, and thought I should try again.   120 more words


Soft Delicate Flower

tease whispers

speaks naked arousal

like a soft breeze

on cool morning dew

I felt your center

yearning my desire

reach inside gentle push

slight breaths meant sweet… 128 more words