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That Was Yesterday

A promise was made
To love her with all his heart
That was yesterday

She sang the same song
A love that would never die… 105 more words


Larissa Lai, Salt Fish Girl

…It seemed the most natural thing in the world that I should remember things that went on before I was born, things that happened in other lifetimes.

12 more words

The Paper Angels

I go about cutting,
but it does not hurt me.

It’s my way of speaking
up. Squeeze the scissors

The paper whispers
against the blades. 91 more words


Gonna Fly Now

I was given tiny wings without any feathers
I sat, perched in a nest high on the walls of a cliff
It overlooked my new home where I would roam… 260 more words


First Time Haunting

Sleeping, must you lie that way?
Stiff and sweating?

The living trope.
It’s rather unnerving.
Are you supposed to resemble
the body’s starched suit?
You swish like a striding… 95 more words


Ghosts and the Science of Hunting

On all my social media sites I often talk about my interest in the supernatural. Most people know how scientific I am, and often ask me how I can believe in ghosts if I’m an atheist. 5,239 more words


Favorite Authors - Shirley Jackson

Have you ever read The Haunting of Hill House?  If not, you should.  I stumbled on it by accident as a kid on one of the many days I roamed the long hallways of the State Library in Escanaba, Michigan.   227 more words