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The haunted house of Bethel

This evening I went to visit a friend who lives in a large 4 storey traditional American home. It was rather typical of the houses used in those horror movies us non-Americans have all seen and to add to the mystique, it was situated on a slow meandering river, adjacent to a grave yard overgrown with neglect. 429 more words


VIDEO: Ghostly Form Captured At Disneyland

Disneyland is a hub for urban rumors. Everything from ghosts, human trafficking, and even aliens have been purported to hang around the happiest place on earth. 63 more words


Galena, IL

Is a beautiful town! I went there for my spring break, and I actually relaxed. The drive took about 3-4 hours which surprised me because I was scared out of my mind driving there. 269 more words

Montgomery Town Hall Ghost Hunt Saturday 28th March 2015

Night- Rain with a bit of wind

The location is situated in a town full of old buildings, a castle and a haunted graveyard. We investigated Montgomery Town Hall. 961 more words

Ghost Hunts

292. The Eternal Staircase

Down the stairs I wander.

In the dark of night I ponder.

What lives within its’ darkness.

My curiosity grows fonder,

Of the blackness which veils, 232 more words



  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Perhaps the best-known ghost town in the world, Pripyat was evacuated after the 1986 nuclear accident at the Chornobyl power plant. It previously had a population of around 50,000 but now is part of the “Chornobyl exclusion zone.” 906 more words