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Interesting Photos From Private Investigation

We took these photos with a full spectrum camera, in 2012. These strange lights appeared on the camera. Another person was photographing the same area with a conventional camera, and these lights didn’t appear. 52 more words


"You" - Average

Jerusalem and electronic music usually don’t fit into the same sentence. But, Tel Aviv’s Average is definitely making that happen. His electronic instrumental track “You” brings together a haunting edge and chillout vibes for an addicting audio treat #DopeOnRepeat… 11 more words


Tripping over graves in Savannah GA

A  short time ago I went on a trip down to Savannah Georgia. It was nice to get away from the growing snow-fortress of solitude that was my CT home. 464 more words


P is for Peaceful Phantoms

Phantoms (Ghosts)


1. an apparition or specter.

2. an appearance or illusion without material substance, as a dreamimage, mirage, or optical illusion.


1250-1300; Middle English fantosme < Middle French, Old French < Latinphantasma phantasm… 288 more words


Video of a Haunted Doll called Peggy... Watch At your Own Risk!

I came across an article in the Daily Mail today about a supposedly haunted doll that has been causing havoc with paranormal enthusiasts around the world, apparently causing one British woman to suffer a heart attack. 84 more words


My stay at the myrtles-night three 

’twas a dark and stormy night…

In which not a damned thing happened.

Day 3

I stayed mostly on the grounds today completely convinced the ghosts would feel sorry for how much money i spent and make themselves known. 582 more words


Haunted Groceries

I like ghosts just as much as they like themselves. Occasionally they put on a show, either for our entertainment and theirs (they’re bored perhaps, watching us dull humans), or they want to make a statement. 344 more words