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One foot in front of the other...

Dave: I did it! And you know why? Because I care…and because it’s unfair to you and unfair to him…

Me: You shouldn’t have done it…you only made things worse. 1,077 more words


Banish the Naysayers!

Sometimes we have to let negative people have their say but that doesn’t mean we always have to listen to them.

Last night we had our second community meeting about purchasing an abandoned school building from the school district that owns it and turning it into a community center for our little village. 427 more words


Tormentor by William Meikle

TORMENTOR is much more than a book about a haunted house. It has a storyline that will keep you guessing.

When grieving widower Jim buys an old house on a remote piece of land on an island in the British Isles, he gets much more than he bargained for. 70 more words

Book Review

More New Orleans Faves - 2015

So, I already wrote a post on some of my favourite things from my recent New Orleans visit, but there are a couple of things I didn’t manage to squeeze in. 373 more words


Here's What's Up With My Face

One of the side effects of being a “sex addict” (ugh, air quotes are once more being heavily deployed) is vanity—how I look, how my body looks.   1,560 more words

Sex Addiction

February 26, 2015

It wasn’t worth it.

Thinking logically, he knew this.

A new ball would cost … what? Five dollars? Ten?

He’d pay a million dollars not to have to go in there. 402 more words

The horrors of shopping for a new home

1st degree mortgage: buying a house can be murder

By Benjamin J. Gohs — Tweets from the Crypt @GreatGohs

Some women take up jogging or yoga for their New Year’s resolution, and others vow to quit smoking. 957 more words