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When the night comes
And the moon hides
Behind the clouds
And the darkness
Creeps over everything
The dogs howl
And that’s
The only sound… 37 more words


Ten Horror Movies You Should Have Watched By Now: Part II

So welcome to part two of my relentless shaming of others. In part one we covered the first five films of my list: And Then There Were None, Switchblade Romance, Dream Home, Grave Encounters, … 2,260 more words


Days of Future Past.

You aren’t gone. You’re still here, in the worst possible way. You left a part of yourself to haunt me. As a constant nagging reminder of ‘us’. 96 more words

I Blog.

The New York Narrative's Chelsea and Way Way West Haunts

Hi Everyone,

So it seems that The New York Narrative haunts are going over quite well so let’s continue with Chelsea!

The boundaries of Chelsea, to me anyway, get a little blurry. 1,685 more words


I have a Grudge against wordpress right now

I suppose the ‘save draft’ button at the bottom of this text box is there for good reason. As usual, I was struggling with writing a post on a pair of films I had watched recently and abandoned my efforts without saving. 572 more words


HAUNT (2013)

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Haunt is a very routine haunted house thriller but, it did hold my interest and was effective enough to be entertaining. 445 more words

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