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Stray Rein in January by Becky Cherriman

The wind’s teeth rip
new holes in my jeans,
tear the breath out of the three of us,
Me so deep inside my days,
I barely knew my friends were there… 215 more words

Chris Brown DENIED entry to Canada over RIHANNA ASSAULT.

Chris Brown had “immigration issues” earlier this week and was forced to cancel shows.
Chris was shown no love by the Canadian government, which confirmed the snub and said Brown can apply to return at a later date. 35 more words

Atlas Burning.

Her thoughts are darker now, consumed with the fears and sadness life has brought to her feet. She works harder to hide the pain behind a whitened smile, erasing all physical defects so that she may appear physically, and consequently, emotionally put together. 325 more words

The Lapwing's Song by Steve Toase

Sat by the skirting Kenny peeled away wallpaper, shaping the pieces into wings. Feathering the torn edges with cold fingers. Behind the rips the plaster was damp. 234 more words

Ghost hunting / intelligent hauntings

People that hunt ghosts have talked about intelligent hauntings.

It seems ghosts only come out at night, why?                                                                                       Perhaps it is like day to them, and we are the ghosts, what kind of vision must they have, has anyone ever asked? 271 more words