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Examining Nationalism with Hauerwas


“What is the defining event of America? World War II, because what Americans are dying to have is something worth dying for. War becomes the great event in American life, because that’s when we send the young out to die and be killed. 367 more words


Disabilities and Special Needs Resources

Special Needs Smart Pages: Advice, Answers and Articles About Teaching Children with Special Needs

Joni Eareckson Tada

Children with special needs often don’t fit into typical children’s church programs, resulting in frustration for parents, children and the churches themselves. 1,587 more words

Truth in the Movies: Enemy Love and The Good Samaritan in "Fury"

by Jason Rodenbeck

“Truth in the Movies” is something we’ll run from time to time in which we’ll note theological value in current films.  Watch for it! 2,285 more words

Jason Rodenbeck

Against the Flow

Scripture: Daniel 1: 1-21

Millard Fuller was a millionaire entrepreneur from Alabama. Rich but miserable, with his marriage on the rocks, he headed to Americus, Georgia where he became involved in an intentional Christian community, … 1,052 more words


You care more about your doctor than who is your

“Now, what accounts for that difference that medical schools are so much more impressive in the moral formation of their students than divinity schools? I think it’s just very simple. 74 more words


One more reason to read the endnotes

I think I often do my best writing in footnotes and endnotes. In a footnote there is less of the feeling that the words are graven in stone, and there’s something very freeing about that. 94 more words

Good Quotes

Paperback Theology: ISIS, 9/11, Ferguson, and the Freedom to Hope

Tim Suttle is the pastor of Redemption Church in KC and host of the blog “Paperback Theology“. On this anniversary of 9/11, Tim writes a brief and powerful article about the reality that as Christ followers we are given the freedom to choose hope amidst a world of despair. Read on >

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