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Born in Blood

I took the thing all wet and worn into the tenements
The linen wrapped ‘round smelled old while it soaked in some fresh death
It wore and tore, unfurled to show the strength in one’s last breath… 193 more words


Then there is denial.

Its funny when people try to overlook the cracks in their own mirror and point fingers towards others. I, like all others agree to mistakes that happen in life, sometimes we go off track, sometimes we open a door we aren’t supposed to, we eat things we aren’t allowed to, we go places we shouldn’t be going, we break the law on that drunk night with friends, we all do things but its funny when people fail to admit. 405 more words


Life is a puzzle with missing pieces...

Life, people all over the world are trying to figure out the meaning of life. What is it? For me it’s simple, it’s a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces… … 289 more words


They don't hate you....they just don't understand you.

Who would think that sibling rivalry would lead to this? Feeling out of place has been a motif in my life. It is a continuous social status, no matter how great of a first impression I can make. 175 more words

Why I hate 'catching feelings'

Eventually you’ll start liking someone if you hangout with them enough. After my last boyfriend I swore I would never catch feelings for someone again because in reality everything you like or ‘love’ turns to complete shit and that is the way of life, thats how I see things which may be a awful way to look at things but lets be honest it is a realistic way to look at things. 636 more words

Eyes of Lies

People always say,

“Eyes are a gateway,..”

“..a gateway into ones soul.”

But this is pure lies, not, if you have full control. 194 more words