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Why Are People So Hateful

This is something I am not capable of understanding. Im passionate about it none the less. Someone once said to me from passion comes strength and hope for a change. 300 more words


Season of the Witch

The light on the lake have all gone dark
You know soon that we’ll all have our part

To play

I remember every night you say… 112 more words


H8? Really?

I’m headed out of Roanoke. Boarding a plane in a few minutes to Chicago. I had a great trip and a wonderful visit. It’ll be late when I get home and I plan on passing out when I get there with my husband and all six dogs. 170 more words


So Captivating, So Deadly

                                                             So Captivating, so Deadly

                                                         (Can you care? Do you forgive?)

Something about a wounded animal. We usually go 2 different ways, Some want to tend to it and make it well again. 282 more words


My Flare

Some people in life choose to walk a lonely road. Personal hurt, fear, or hatred cause them to decide never to trust anyone again. After that decision is made, they walk alone, and even if they say they aren’t, the truth is, they’re lonely. 94 more words

Daily Posts

Party people - oh wait me??

So this weekend i went to go out clubbing. It was the first time in what …. 6/8 months! Oh god..

It was soo much fun getting all dressed up and I got to put on pretty party make-up. 240 more words



This is very new to me. Someone told me I should blog my feelings.

So I thought I would give it a try. My life is just full of different complications in the world and I’m too lost in my head and I can’t get out. 43 more words