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How to use #Hashtags or 'How not to be a hashtag douchebag'

Hashtags are awesome little things that help you organise your social media posts and tweets by topic. That sounds awesome right? Well in theory hashtags can be very useful and cool, but in practice so many people are wasting their time and annoying everybody by using hashtags incorrectly which is… 462 more words


Twitter in the Classroom

Social media is everywhere, and we’re pretty certain that most of your students are using it in their daily lives.  So why not integrate it into the classroom?  87 more words

Course Management


Do you want to know why it still #hurts?

Why we can’t be heard without placing our label?

Why the world looks for an answer in 140 characters or less? 41 more words


Now You Can use Hindi Hashtags in Twitter

Twitter has hauled out an alternate sparkly, new peculiarity, this time for the Indian open. The long range informal communication stage has now dispatched Hindi hashtags on the site, in the Devanagiri script. 118 more words

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The #Risk requires #Faith

As a practicing Christian and an International Networker, I am constantly meeting people from all walks of life and I therefore need to ask God to help me have an empathy and affection for those that are different from me.  219 more words


Part 3 – Top tips to driving a social canoe slalom

Quick video created on the iPhone 6

This is the third in a series of posts describing the journey from print to digital supported by print in the world of canoe slalom. 692 more words


New Instagram?

Hey there *winks

So, exciting news!!!  I created an instagram for this blog :)  It is



I’m sorry for all of the extra markings (_and .) All other versions were unavailable.  30 more words