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Harvey Milk's Message of Hope

It has been 37 years since Harvey Milk was assassinated but his message of Hope is relevant today in the gay rights movement. It has also taken 37 years for 37 states since the late 1960s to legalize same-sex marriage. 512 more words

Harvey Milk

The Importance of Activism

Why another gay blog/website? Because activism is important. Whether you are supporting gay rights, your religion, your favorite television show, or even whether or not you feel there are enough marshmallows in Lucky Charms. 232 more words


Altoona, Pennsylvania

Due to life, I haven’t written in quite some time. And I’m not sure when I’ll write again, but I noticed something tonight I wanted to let you know about. 387 more words

Anti-Gay Discrimination

Alive and Running April 3 2015

I’m really pleased with this sign! My father-in-law Len created it for me and I think he’s done a wonderful job. It needs to be varnished to protect it from the weather and then I’ll be able to hang it between two silver birch trees which are situated at the entrance to the field where the project is sited. 256 more words

Milk (2008)

Temperature: Warm

This is a movie about of the less known civil rights leader in the USA. Unnoted to the masses since he was a fighter for the civil rights of the LGBT community. 561 more words


Weekend Recap: 3/15/2015 - 3/21/2015

Coming at your guys later than usual this fine Sunday. Why? Because I finally rolled back into town from NYC and have consumed enough beers to start working again. 218 more words

Daily 'Bang

Retrospective: Harvey Milk's "Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men"

In 1996, experimental stoner/doom band Harvey Milk released their second album, Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men. It’s one of those records that really sticks with you. 580 more words

Daily 'Bang