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Andrew Lippa — "Leap" (I Am Harvey Milk)

Tonight’s final post in my June series of American LGBT composers concludes this evening with a work written for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir in 2012, and in my opinion, one of the most solid works commissioned by a GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses) that’s been written.   103 more words


June 29, 2015: We’ve Come a Long Way

First, I’m so happy that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality last week. Mara and I were already protected for two reasons: 1) We live in California, where marriage equality already exists; and 2) we were married as husband and wife, and under California law, the marriage stays intact post-transition, regardless of whether the state allowed same-sex marriage. 174 more words

The Boswell Thesis of Homosexuality and Early Christianity

With the news of SCOTUS’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage within the United States, a lot of my religious friends have been reflecting on Christianity’s relationship and history with homosexuality. 605 more words


rainbow wars

No, this post isn’t about various parties’ reactions to Friday’s ruling, though maybe it should be. Rather . . .

And why a rainbow? 310 more words

Current Events

Thanking The Ones Who Paved The Way

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

            – Harvey Milk

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 1,013 more words

The 1984-A-Thon: The Times of Harvey Milk

Directed by Rob Epstein, and winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1984, The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) tells the story of a man who has become a symbol and an inspiration in the fight for the human rights of marginalised groups, after his untimely death at the hands of a political rival. 1,090 more words

Film Grimoire

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Today was a very special day to wake up to, even as someone who doesn't live in the United States. Today was the day when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex couples are able to marry the people they love, nation-wide. This is a huge step forward towards equal rights for LGBT* people, even though there is more work to be done. I feel a mixture between extreme happiness today, and extreme sadness and frustration that my own country hasn't been able to make this happen yet. In honour of this special day, I thought I'd reblog a review I wrote last year on a documentary about Harvey Milk, the man who fought for the rights of marginalised groups, particularly gay people, in 1970s San Francisco. A truly excellent documentary about a person who played a key part in the fight for equal rights which resulted in the landmark ruling passed down today.

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Dear Evan and Lulu,

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling to make same-sex marriage a nationwide right.

Today I had the honor of watching the world celebrate from the hub of the movement, San Francisco. 286 more words

Dear Evan And Lulu