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Empire - Two Death Star Quilts

Often times, most of the hard work in quilting, is calculating quilt measurements, cutting out the fabric and sewing up the quilt top. Knowing this, my husband had the fabulous idea of doing a two-fer for the next quilt. 861 more words


We Are Wizards Response

After watching the “We Are Wizards” movie, it really brought to my attention how some series can have such a large fan base that fans create their own versions of videos, songs, spinoffs, etc. 284 more words


Rowling Continuing to Roll On

The Harry Potter series have been hugely popular across the globe ever since the very first first debut in 1997, despite being based out of the U.K. 244 more words


Harry Potter Moment of the Week!

So before I begin this post, I wanted to share this video with you! I just think this one is hilarious! I love Harry Potter Puppetpals. 198 more words


Music: The Magic Behind Movies

There are some movies out there that are made even more phenomenal thanks to the addition of some inspiring tunes. I’m talking about those movies that have such good music that you don’t even realize you’re listening to it, but the next day, you can’t stop humming the theme songs. 413 more words