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Hogwarts Running Club- virtual Hogwarts Races. 

I am a geek who loves to run and I especially love geeky themed runs. I’ve run the Disney Star Wars and Avengers races already. Plus countless of Disney ones. 278 more words


My Amazing Belated Birthday Present


This is what a group of friends got me!

Although my birthday was more than a month ago, the awesomeness of this present just made the fact that this is a super belated present; insignificant. 213 more words


Hogwarts Jerseys

Go Hogwarts! Beat Durmstrang!

Yes, the jerseys are a little on the Hufflepuff side. But that’s because they’re the best side.

Check out the back, below. 12 more words


Day 18 Potter Challenge.

If I could bring back a deceased character who would I choose and why?

So my old self before reading the books would have said Sirius he was my favourite in the films, could be cause I fancy Gary Oldman, but… Since reading the books I would have thought I’d have said Lupin, but, I find myself wanting to bring back Fred. 71 more words

Harry Potter

Monthly Top Five: Male Characters

So here is my June installment of my monthly top five but its not June I hear you say..well you’d be right. I on the other hand was not as I convinced myself there are 31 days in June. 670 more words


Book goals for the rest of the year...

As you can see from my other pages I am trying to do as much as the pop sugar reading challenge as I can by the end of the year, the main reason is because one of my book goals is read as diversely as possible. 136 more words


Fun With Helium! With SHANE CASEY!

Shane Casey is another Trinity buddy of ours. We are clearly playing right into the hands of our fan base now.

But we were delighted to score Shane (not… 158 more words

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