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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) speak on the House floor as members begin to fill the chamber before the arrival of Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan, who will will speak to both legislative bodies in a joint address. (The Hill)

RON FOURNIER: Democrats Have a Harry Reid Problem

National Journal: If Democrats still hope to brand Republicans in Congress as the stubborn cause of gridlock, they must address a major headache. This problem also threatens the party’s courtship of anti-special-interest populists. 57 more words


Obamacare Celebrates 5th Birthday But Nobody Comes to Party

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – The balloons, streamers, and cake are all ready at the White House as little Obamacare celebrates his first birthday today. 340 more words


Obama Blasts Republicans For Holding Loretta Lynch Hostage

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – In his Saturday address to the nation, President Obama spoke angrily about how Republicans in the Senate were holding Loretta Lynch hostage. 335 more words


Democrats Are the New party of No

It’s depressingly clear that what Democrats aren’t thinking about was the needs of vulnerable people, mostly young women and girls, who are the victims of sex trafficking… 462 more words

'How does this guy have a job?' Harry Reid spox just imploded before our very eyes!

Boy, that Harry Reid sure can pick ‘em!

One of Harry Reid's top aides, everyone. https://t.co/AnOF2THw8E

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) March 20, 2015

This afternoon, The Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay linked to that story about the…

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