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Harry Potter Drinking Game

We’ve been snowed in for almost two weeks now. My labs have still been running, but all my other classes have been cancelled by professors on the days the university wasn’t closed. 296 more words


Harry Potter Forever

Working on a new masterpiece is complete. 

the troublesome trio is painted on 20 x 30 canvas water base oils.

Harry Potter

Role models

“What a great quote! It’s so inspiring! I’m going to use it to undergird my philosophy of life!”

Okay, probably a bit on the nose. But people are influenced (usually subtly) by memorable statements.

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Harry Potter

I fail at life

Omg guys! I think there’s like too much Harry Potter in my brain. Like today, I needed to get to Southern Cross Station and I didn’t know what train I was supposed to take so I was trying to look it up. 14 more words


The wonderful world of Harry Potter

Mr. And Mrs. Dursley, of number 4, Privet Drive, we’re proud to say that the we’re perfectly normal, thank you very much…

This is the first line, in the most thrilling and entertaining series of books I have ever read, and think I will ever read. 339 more words

Harry, a stone and the Wizarding World

Harry Potter! The boy who lived. This is the other book and film series that burst on to the scene in 2001. We already had wizards, goblins, trolls and one rings to look forward to that year. 313 more words


Worldbuilding 101 Part 1 - History & Myth - Where Worldbuilding Begins

At Jot 5 I’ll being doing a Workshop on Worldbuilding. If this sounds uber nerdy to you please head to the previous post or patiently wait for tomorrow’s. 285 more words

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