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Discussion: Budget and Election 2015 (Canada)

On April 21, Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver tabled his Conservative government’s 2015 budget. This budget was highly anticipated because 2015 is an election year in Canada, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives had long promised that they would return to balance before the election. 141 more words


Harper Bechkam

7 Photos Of David Beckham With His Daughter Harper That Will Make Your Heart Melt In An Instant!


Harper's Wars

O Canada! Where did our home and native land go? We used to be peacekeepers and reliably unbiased mediators; now we are neo-imperialist interloping warmongers, a dependable, if small, wing of the ever-covert and increasingly confused aims of long term US-UK foreign policy, which has no connection to come-and-go governments, being something hatched in the back-rooms of the deep state’s permanent and most un-democratic tyranny. 2,174 more words


The Conservatives, sound finance and the facts of recent history

With the tabling of a new federal budget on April 21, the Conservatives are trying to reinvent themselves as good economic managers, stalwart of sound finance. 273 more words

The World As I See It

morning win.

last summer on junk pick up day, i rescued an old fashioned school desk from the end of a neighbor’s driveway. and after a long, cold winter i’ve finally finished bringing it back to life. 114 more words


All we have to fear is, everything,

While reading the Harper’s Index, I was surprised to see that while in the last ten years violent crime rate has fallen in eight of those years while during those last ten years the majority of Americans think that violent crime is on the rise. 152 more words

Welcome to the Suck

The road to Wrestlemania is the best time of the year to be a wrestling fan. For three months everything matters, the stakes are high and every show feels important as the WWE build to their biggest event of the year. 1,221 more words

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