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Debating the Debates

Canada’s next federal election isn’t until October, but issues have already arisen about our leaders’ debates.

Debates are usually an important part of a Canadian election campaign: they provide an opportunity for the party leaders to discuss issues face-to-face, and allow voters to really see the difference between the candidates. 345 more words

Harper’s imperial vanity could be his Achilles heel

What do NFL quarterback Tom Brady and Stephen Harper have in common? Both men play by their own rules … which is to say, they…

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La censure scientifique fédérale/Federal scientific censorship

J’avais régulièrement mentionné la politique scientifique civile du gouvernement fédéral comme la raison de pourquoi je serai appelé à fréquenter une université étrangère pour mon doctorat ( 899 more words


Rex Murphy: A message for Mr. Harper — Conservative voters are feeling let down


The New Democrats are having a moment in the sun. A run of polls recently indicate an upward movement for the party. It isn’t huge but it occurs at a most strategically important time — the fall election campaign has really begun.

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Stevie - poverty, who cares?

“Poverty is the worst of crimes—as George Bernard Shaw wrote, “all the other crimes are virtues beside it.” And the ability of a rapacious power elite to let children go hungry, to let men and women suffer a loss of dignity and self-worth because there are no jobs, to abandon cities to decay and squalor, to toss the mentally ill and the homeless onto the streets, to slash the meager services that give some hope and succor to those who suffer, to lock hundreds of thousands of poor people in cages for years, to wage endless war, to burden students with crushing debt, to unleash state terror and to extinguish hope among the least fortunate exposes our wealthy oligarchs as the most dangerous and destructive force in”…Canada.   41 more words


Quickies: Unrequited & Choose Your Shot

Unrequited: Women and Romantic Obsession by Lisa A. Phillips

Publisher/Year: Harper, 2015
Format: ARC
Pages: 304
Source: Publisher

What it is: Part memoir, part investigation, Phillips explores the role of obsessive love in women’s lives. 504 more words


Terrorists, Tories and Bill C-51

A Response

By Brodi Ethier

Omar Khadr’s story is the most recent act in a rather drawn out and curious play in which it is quite impossible to tell apart the actors from the audience. 807 more words