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Plants, Weakest Link, Oh My

I’ve come to the conclusion that I may  be the weakest link.  At least when it comes to the survival of the outside plants.  I planted some flowers, the neighbors plant some more so the outside of the house would have splashes of color here and there.   173 more words

Building a Reasoned and Biblical Response, Part II: The Claim of Harmlessness

In the previous post, I addressed the common charge of hypocrisy presented against Christians for addressing the sin of homosexuality by arguing the uniqueness of this sin’s punishment in the Scripture, the uniqueness of this sin’s description in the Scripture, and the uniqueness of this sin’s promotion in the wider public around us. 1,481 more words

Various Thoughts

Ill wind blows...

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.” Thomas Tasser, 1580


Threads #15

DISCLAIMER: not about a love affair.

Actually maybe it will be, for you. We all relate to words in different ways. It can even translate into a reaction to bullying. Anyway.


Pop Psychology: Warning for the 'Recovering'

I get a lot of inspirations and ideas for my blog entries from social media posts. I see the world is a tough place to live in: With modernization and advances in technology, it may have become more difficult than ever to set up clear personal boundaries. 613 more words



Having an open, gaping wound on your forehead sucks..