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I’m typing this out on my Surface RT. Not my Surface Pro 2. We all know how I fell about windows 10 as it stands right now. 943 more words

Windows Phone

MakeMIT // 2.28.15

I participated in/shot MakeMIT yesterday! It’s a hardware hackathon, and some people came up with some really cool projects.

YAY team! We basically just wanted to play with the Myo armband so we tried to make a gesture controlled wheelchair (as in those two did the actual software stuff to make it work and I made a janky scaled down wheelchair out of acrylic, the MakerBot, electrical tape, and superglue). 22 more words

Low-Voltage Tesla Coil Uses a Relay Instead of a Spark Gap

writes in with a unique Tesla coil he designed and built. Unlike most Tesla coils, ’s design is able to run with a fairly low input voltage because it doesn’t use a static spark gap like most Tesla coils. 199 more words


Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, The New Beginning.

Well, it’s 2015 and with each new year comes a new Mobile World Conference (MWC) and the introduction of new flagship devices. Samsung usually gets out in front of MWC, bringing its newest tech forefront, this year, the unpack event brought forth the S6 and S6 Edge. 570 more words


Adoption of Agile for Embedded Hardware Design

Even though the design and development of electronic systems, and firmware in embedded systems, differs from conventional software application development in many ways – there is an increasing awareness in the hardware and embedded engineering fields today about Agile development methods. 935 more words