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How my triad started

A few years back I had never heard of polyamory and frowned upon the thought of being with more than one person at the same time, unless possibly a third was introduced for just a hookup sorta thing, but I really did not like that idea either as I was a very jealous partner. 748 more words

Day 69: Sacrificing the Few for the Many

This is going to be a very short post tonight because it’s the last day of my daughter’s visit and I have about fifteen minutes of spare time. 295 more words

Novel Writing

Looking for 'Good' Leadership

Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people -Nelson Mandela

This morning I was thinking about contrasts in leadership styles …about how ‘success’ is measured differently depending on the style you choose.  

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The Fortress of Solitude

When the depression sets in, nothing can fight it. Not the drugs, not prayer…the faces seem to become blank and the memories begin to blur. You enter this dream like state, clinging to the walls, the edges of your vision blurred. 257 more words

But what if I fall? Oh darling, but what if you fly ? : Choosing not to crumble.

If someone told me that senior year would have been the way it has been for me, I would have only partially believed them. I say this because the past eight months have been eight of the most ridiculous roller coaster rides I would have ever expected. 1,184 more words

Making the Hard Decisions

Okay so we’re financially in a decent position to be able to move without an income for a bit.  We believe it’ll be easier to find work if we’re already in the Seattle area.   564 more words


Doing What Matters, and Being Enough

It’s a common mantra that many people emphasize on- do what matters. It’s a nice thing to say, catchy and sensitive, but when you start applying it to your daily life in all the small and big decisions, it has the power to change things. 891 more words

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