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Making the Hard Decisions

Okay so we’re financially in a decent position to be able to move without an income for a bit.  We believe it’ll be easier to find work if we’re already in the Seattle area.   564 more words


Doing What Matters, and Being Enough

It’s a common mantra that many people emphasize on- do what matters. It’s a nice thing to say, catchy and sensitive, but when you start applying it to your daily life in all the small and big decisions, it has the power to change things. 891 more words

Journal Entries

Sensible Adults

I was right. My relationship with A was doomed the moment I got into an MFA program that wasn’t local. I had to tell her; it would have been selfish to keep it to myself, even until I made a concrete decision on where to attend. 288 more words


Hashtag Tough Decisions

The place I’ve been temping at offered me a permanent role about a week ago, and today they told me how much they want to pay me for it. 1,662 more words

Story Time


Spring showed itself today in the form of a warm, breezy afternoon. With the new season, comes the longing for chicks. I keep stealing glances at the Tractor Supply, and searching baby chick pictures on Google. 479 more words


Meeting Time!!

At our last court date for my Lovie (Feb. 9th) the Judge said we are to have a family team meeting (ftm) to discuss his permanent placement.  590 more words

20/20 Vision

Have you ever just sat down and looked at your life’s timeline? Its amazing how many things you see that you should or shouldn’t have done. 663 more words