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My Wedding Dress Came In THREE Months Early!

I was on the brink of dodging into a much-needed hot yoga classes this morning when a text message from my Mother popped up with a… 212 more words

Mindless Musings

2015 Cherry Blossom Festivals in Seoul

There are many places where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms which signal the arrival of Spring. These lists are the top 6 cherry blossom festivals in Seoul. 432 more words


What's your fixation?

I lie down to go to sleep, when thoughts of you flood my mind.

I welcome them with open arms.

They replay in my mind to keep me company. 132 more words


Card Challenge: Day 84 - The End

Wow, so this is it. It has finally come to the end of the Card Challenge, and the last card has been storied. I will likely post a longer wrap-up post tomorrow, but it’s been quite a journey. 1,635 more words

New Arrival

Thankful For Twins

Tonight I went out for pizza with the twins.

We usually do that once a week.

Thankful for the ritual.

Both twins made me laugh constantly! 20 more words

My Love of All Things FTK

Hey all!

Tomorrow is interview day for my second year as a member of the team for Boise State Dance Marathon so I thought it would be fitting that I write a post trying to explain some of the reasons I love this amazing organization. 869 more words

Love Life

I bet you can't have just one...

This month I have worked really hard at challenging myself. As you saw in my last post about how society impacts our self-concept, I was learning to let go of comparing. 1,092 more words