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Positive & Negative|30.05.15

Hello xx

You know how when someone compliments you? You smile, think they’re lying to be polite, and shrug it off. You know how when someone says something mean or nasty about you in front of you or behind your back? 337 more words


Perfect Murder - Part 1

Rachel sipped her coffee. It was a rainy evening and she was thinking about the other night she spent at the Barlow Villa. She had been there with her great friend Stephanie, for a party. 536 more words


Things do not always happen like we think they will.

“This is just a check in by the way, I’m gonna assume that you’re probably a lot happier with yourself and your surroundings since we last spoke” 232 more words


God help! Please!

I laugh when I read the title of this post because this was what my prayer life consisted of.

I’m not sure why my finite mind starts to think God stops helping me, but sometimes when we get into situations or make decisions we begin to doubt and just cry out HELP! 996 more words

HAUL - Sørby marked

Hej alle sammen! 
Min mor og jeg blev enige om, at tage en tur til Sørby marked da vi kunne danse en omgang zumba gratis. Vi slog os løs og havde det fantastisk sammen med de andre fra “zumba-familien”!  183 more words


House is Done!!!

Just been round to see the work completed on MIL’s house, and also meet an estate agent with a view to getting the ball rolling on the rental front. 187 more words