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Give a little back - SMILE

For weeks now my mom has been telling me to listen to one of her favourite healing philosophers, Louise Hay.

I can assure you that as oppose to my mother I am a very positive person, but listening to “101 positive meditation phrases” is not my jam. 445 more words

Haunted by Mountains

Yesterday’s positive moment happened while in session. While I don’t normally talk about what happens there I’m making an exception today. One of the recurring things we talk about is my inability to find anything here in Mudport TX that interests me. 252 more words

Happy Thoughts

Three Things I'm Grateful for Day Twenty One

1) Actual Conversations. Communicating with someone face to face in real time. Spontaneous sharing without editing, deleting, revising, or having to worry about spelling. Actively listening to what someone is saying and being listened to in return. 235 more words

Happy Thoughts

I Got Dressed Today!

What I want people to know it’s okay if you don’t have it all together!
Truth be known no one has it all together. Some of us can fake the funk a little better than others, but mostly I think we try to put on our best front that we can. 70 more words


The Pain in Hair Dye


This girl has experience. If you’ve ever dyed your hair some definitely unnatural color, this is your struggle.

Happy Thoughts

The World Anew

A lot of peoples get angry this time of year. It could be from the lack of sun or the lack of warmth or the lack of Hambone being outside to cheer up the world or any number of other Northern Hemispherian problems. 447 more words


Branching Out From the Usual

Hi! Hello! How are you doing? Great? I’m stoked to hear that. Have a lovely read and rest of the week. Also, expect to be seeing my February music playlist sometime this week! 402 more words