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Lonely No More

What IS it about seagulls?

I grew up here on Cape Cod where gulls of all varieties are a part of the landscape, part of living by the sea. 157 more words

Cape Cod

Empty House

Ladybugs. That’s what I think the crimson drops are, but they don’t fly away as I walk in the door; they multiply and swarm a broken glass vase on the carpet. 21 more words


Snow White, Old and New

I love fantasy stories. I love the characters in fantasy stories. I know this genre is overwhelmingly white and heteronormative, but I find a lot of value in the way fantasy explores interpersonal relationships and themes. 601 more words

Emma Swan

Happy Endings!!!!!!!

Do you have a story with a “happy ending” you would like to share in a well known magazine?

You need to be based in the UK and provide photos with your story. 47 more words

Happy Endings!!!!!!!

Three Glowing Sparks

I love Esther Newton’s weekly challenges!

Esther’s challenge this week is to write a poem or story based on the visual prompt of a haunted lighthouse. 235 more words


Friday round-up: the good and evil edition

Ask not for whom the dinner bell tolls!  I’m on a tight deadline to crank out an essay before the bell rings, so here are a few long reads to keep you busy while I’m out roping up some historiographical longhorns.   811 more words

American History

What's Your Taste?

We all have the same five senses, but because we’re all different, so are our tastes.

A person who loves to listen to classical music likely won’t care for rap. 191 more words