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That Went Better Than I Expected

All day at work yesterday I was thinking about what to do when I got home; should I continue to pretend everything is fine when it’s not, or do I just bite the bullet and do what’s right for me? 452 more words


1st March, Word of the Month: HAPPINESS


Did you know that the 20th of March is the International Day of Happiness? Well, we didn’t, reason enough to make Happiness our word of the month. 315 more words


From dirt comes life

I was reading what has so far been a lovely book, An Offering of Leaves by Ruth Lauer-Manenti, which was recapping a story of a man who was very wealthy and gave great sums of gold to the Buddha. 157 more words


A Journey, Not A Destination

Happiness is better when shared.

About a year ago I gained complete control over my emotions. I realized that nobody controls how I feel except myself..and it was the most important and liberating thing I have learned in my life so far. 55 more words


Rules of happiness

Happy people display certain traits. A big part of this are the rules they live by. Do these rules resonate with you? If not you may want to re-evaluate your mindset in order to live a happier life.



Today we are grateful for all we have!


A Penny for Your Thoughts

There is an old fashioned saying ” A penny for your thoughts” Although no payment is received for giving your thoughts, they are listed to by the receiver asking you what’s up.   700 more words

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