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I’ve written before about how I don’t understand the who cares less game that dating currently revolves around. I used to always answer my texts as soon as I read them and would get frustrated if someone else didn’t. 471 more words


Anger + Appreciation = Joy

Last night, one of my employees quit. It was Sunday. She sent an e-mail. AN E-MAIL. At 8pm. The kicker is that she was a friend and is married to my cousin. 1,073 more words

Life Better

One turn around the sun

You sit up next to me, your fingers prying my mouth open. I open one eye, not yet ready to wake. I feign sleep and turn around. 573 more words


5 Things You Should Be Doing

Being comfortable in your relationship is great. Don’t get me wrong, getting to chill with wet hair, no makeup and track pants after a long day wrapped up in your significant others arms is absolutely wonderful. 704 more words



My cat frequently drags himself across the floor. He digs his little claws into the bumpy carpet and pulls himself across the room, mindlessly creating damage and appearing to enjoy his nonsense. 1,059 more words

My Slice of Heaven

Do you have a favorite time of day? Mine is right about the time the sun goes down. I love the way the sunset casts a heavenly shadow of color all around me. 38 more words