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Last Weekend...

…was absolutely perfect.  It really just got better day by day – by Sunday night i was so delighted I thought I was going to have a heart attack. 322 more words



Show your kindness always! Let that be what you’re all about!


Photography 101: Solitude

Day 5:  The theme for the today is “Solitude” and the focus is on using the “rule of thirds” to place the main subject in your photo (the basic idea being to place the focal point of your photo off-center). 200 more words


wash your hands...

sleazy surroundings

wash your hands protect your soul

exit to daylight


Technology a blessing and a curse

Haven’t you found yourself wasting countless hours online, even if it is on your phone? Technology tends to help us a lot but it also has downsides. 424 more words


Book Review: "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail" by Cheryl Strayed

I am a sucker for books about nature, about living in the wild, about hiking/running/galavanting through the woods, especially when the stories are true. If these types of stories actually happened in real life to someone ho is not fictional, then I feel like there is hope that I can be one of these stories one day in my own way. 425 more words