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The Dark Knight Rises

8 years after The Dark Knight, Batman has been blamed for Harvey Dent’s crimes and Bruce has become a recluse, that is, until a new foe rears his ugly head: Bane – an outcast from the League of Shadows with the voice of a cartoon tree. 1,123 more words


Here's A Soundtrack To Calm And Elevate You!

We all have our fair share of worries. Don’t you deny, we all do. It is a fact. But at times, you need to unwind, and let it all go. 94 more words


June 24, 2015

  1. Elizabeth Anderson – …and beyond
  2. Skweee mix
  3. Eero Johannes – 42 minute dogma 1
  4. Jean Lesage – Excerpts
  5. James Horner – Various
  6. Tom Hunt – What are you going to do now?
  7. 35 more words

A gloomy day

Inspiring song for a gloomy day

Have to say I love listening to Hans Zimmer, it hauls out something quite different from the depths of my soul

A tribute to film composer James Horner

This morning when I woke up, I read the news about the death of one of my favourite film composers: James Horner. His work meant so much for me and I think for a lot of others. 748 more words



I first watched Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” five years ago with a friend and his dad. The entire day they had built me up for an epic movie that was going blow my mind and made if out as if I would collapse in sheer awe after witnessing such a masterpiece. 387 more words

Academy Awards

Film Review: Woman in Gold (2015)

Filmmakers will never stop making films about World War II and this is a good thing.  Firstly, lest we forget, and secondly, that dark hour of human history has a near-endless number of surprising and fascinating stories that should be told.  452 more words