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Creativity, metaphor, thinking & discovery: seems similar for Nonfiction!

“You will write if you will write without thinking of the result in terms of a result, but think of the writing in terms of discovery, which is to say that creation must take place between the pen and the paper, not before in a thought or afterwards in a recasting… 415 more words

Creativity Boost

Post Spring Break Special and Album Reviews!

Hello music lovers!

We apologize for our temporary hiatus of blog posts! Due to the overwhelming flow of musicians coming into our studio to record and negotiate future business plans we have been MIA. 625 more words

Film Score

Christopher Nolan - Rejuvenating The Fallen Character

“Why bats, Master Wayne?”
“Bats frighten me Alfred, it’s time my enemies shared my dread”

              That is one of the many iconic quotes from the Batman film series by Christopher Nolan that gave a new hope to the character who had fallen from grace 8 years ago when Tim Burton had left the franchise. 325 more words


The best part of Interstellar was the soundtrack...

I watched Interstellar this weekend, finally, which I’m aware is totally at odds with my status as a science fiction fan and author. Unsurprisingly, I loved it (Christopher Nolan can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned), and I became so engrossed I really didn’t want it to end. 108 more words

Science Fiction

Interstellar (2014) Review


There’s something wonderfully re-assuring about a film maker like Christopher Nolan. In the digital age of cinema, he has blazed a trail of film over micro-chip, IMAX over 3D, story over spectacle. 476 more words