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A new round of Antarctic ice alarm

The alarm of a catastrophic meltdown of the Antarctic cycles up and down every year or two.  A journal article says the rate of melt is increasing, the popular press picks up on it and breathlessly warns about huge sea level rises sinking coastal cities around the world.  579 more words

Global Warming

I love to hate Pretty Little Liars

Did you ever start watching a television series that caught your eye but after the third season it seems to just keep going in circles to the point where you start to hate it and even though you can’t stand watching it anymore just the fact that you already put so much time into watching it you HAVE to see it through? 327 more words


Pretty Little Liars ep 25

Welcome To The Dollhouse (Finale) !!

It’s here people the finale! Marlene King, the main brain behind PLL has said this is the episode where -A is revealed. 751 more words


Pretty Little Liars Ep 21

Bloody Hell

This episodes’ main focus is around the girls trying to get Alison out of jail after learning she was not responsible for Mona. So heres your breakdown. 699 more words


Pretty Little Liars Ep 20

Pretty Isn’t the Point

At the beginning of this episode the girls are looking though Mike’s room trying to find some evidence. Again like before I’m going to break it down into characters and tie it all up at the end starting with. 396 more words


Pretty Little Liars Ep 19

Out, damned spot

 We opened episode 19 with the four liars at the school blood bank collection organised by Ashley Marin. All the girls are getting there blood taken except for Emily (if you have followed previous seires you’ll remember Emily went to Haiti to build houses therefore her blood cant be taken.) We see Mike try to take blood from the box. 682 more words


Pretty Little Liars Ep 18

This weeks episode again had lots of little stories but that mean A LOT so once again lets break it down :

 Talia and Emily… 590 more words