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Weekly report #1

KM: 34.2 / Miles: 21.4

Sessions: 3

I started this week on Tuesday with an interval training of 8x 600m with 3-minute rest (jogging). In my training plan I increase the interval length and decrease the number of repetitions on a weekly basis: from 12x 400m to 4x 1,200m. 373 more words


Entertaining an Over-Tired 3-Year old while Hungover (us, not him)

Ian and I woke up with a hangover yesterday, which meant that our 1 and 3-year olds were particularly unsympathetic towards our self-inflicted plight.  This is the second weekend in a row that I have woken up in this disgraceful state, and after two in a row, I think I’ll be giving alcohol a miss for a while (especially as you know about my usual abstinence). 590 more words


Thyme vs Breast Cancer!

A friend of mine found this post today and I just had to share it with my readers.  Having had breast cancer strike close to home, I found this study fascinating.   66 more words


Shame Sunday

Hangovers are diverse and, like snowflakes, each one is unique. Only one thing is for certain, They occur every Sunday and in my experience fit into 6 categories. 855 more words


Be someone's

Today while I was doing jogging I saw this on the center of the street

This lonely bottle was there on Sunday morning after a lovely Saturday fun night! 19 more words

Drinks, Doners and Denial

On Friday I was made redundant and, to celebrate (or should it be commiserate?), we all went to the pub to have leaving drinks.

It was messy. 134 more words



I woke up in pain, not knowing where I was, and expecting someone to be there who is most definitely not here.

The expectation faded once I realized that I was in fact home and he was in fact not even remotely close to where I consider home. 60 more words

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