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"And Then (On Drinking Responsibly)"

It started at 12:05am
Mildly nervous, even nauseous,
the thought of you knowing curls my tongue backwards.

Then it was 1:17am
Courage kicked me hard in the stomach, or was it stupidity? 107 more words


Post war Grooming

The long bank holiday weekend is over and we all went back to work today, if you’re anything like me then you have spent at least a couple of days feeling and looking a little more worse for wear than you usually do. 463 more words


The Morning After

It’s always an almost mystical experience. My eyes open and adjust to the various shades of daylight. Coherence slowly gnaws its way into my consciousness and the questions start filtering in. 393 more words


Weekend Baking! Coffee Cake and Chocolate Ganache Icing

I didn’t have enough chocolate icing ingredients to ice the whole cake which was what I was intending on doing! So here’s a tip before you set your heart out on making and eating something..check that you have the ingredients, or at least enough :( haha… 398 more words

Simple Hungover Gluten Free and Vegetarian Brunch

More often than not, I wake up on a Sunday feeling hungover and hungry. When I first started my gluten free diet, I was at a loose end as to what food would help cure a hangover. 236 more words

Gluten Free

Weirdest Weekend Ever!

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah Fifty Shades of Grey, I mocked the book so I don’t know what made me think that movie would be better? 868 more words