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Can the Women's World Cup Cure the Footballing Hangover Left From the Men's Season?

The stretch between season end in April to season start in August is the most boring for typical football fans. With no senior men’s competition such as the World Cup or European championships to quench our football thirst the months looked set to be painful. 765 more words


A Night I Don't Remember

Living on my own and with a loose schedule during the summer can be harder than it seems. Graduating high school and moving out from under your parents spectacle is considered to be a great feat for most teenagers. 1,027 more words

Shame on me! 🙈

Yeah… it’s been a while without posting in English, shame on me! But good things are worth waiting, aren’t they? So here I go again with some bits of what has been going on in my life lately. 699 more words

Fragile Sunday morning

It was a night of hard living, that leads you to,

this fragile Sunday morning.

Decadent hours decay slowly –

As sleep returns itself to dreams… 17 more words


Reader's Indigestion

My eyes snapped open. Discomfort, pain, trouble breathing… I first thought that it was my body position giving me grief, so I shifted a little – not too much, as my partner was lying against my side – and tried to resume the slumber I’d be suddenly roused from. 508 more words



I see them all move
their mouths
and gesture dramatically

I remember something
woke me up,
this unexpected restlessness?

Voices amplified
as if through… 14 more words


Don't You Know Me Kansas City, I'm the New Berlin Wall, Try and Tear me Down

Oh Thursday night. Why did Friday have to hurt so bad?

So Thursday my wife had a relatively long day at work, meaning I stayed home with my daughter, alone, for a long stretch. 522 more words