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It was a year ago this month that the idea of pouring words onto a page and beer into a glass gently struck us, as we sat comfortably in… 250 more words

Good Philly Pubs

Handwritten Letters and Other Lost Arts.

The other day – which, as my wife will helpfully tell you could mean, for me, anything from yesterday to years ago – I was listening to a CBC radio program. 990 more words

PJ's Blog

Lost Art of Letter Writing

Do you remember good old-fashioned letters?  You know the ones.  The letters that come in the mail, and are to just see how you are doing.  474 more words


The Exact Center of June; PUBLETTERS tonight

The nice thing about writing a letter is that you can be as flaky as you want–there are no Google algorithms judging your words, trying to ferret out what ads to show you and so on.   83 more words

Du West Fest - 100 in 1 Day NFM Workshop

What a beautiful and fun day!

Here are a few photos documenting Neighbourhood Fan Mail at the Dundas West Fest and the 100 in 1 Day Interventions Festival 45 more words

Fan Mail

June 9, 1995 - Friday - 10:00 p.m.

Last night Jonathan and I went to Fayetteville.  He got his nose pierced.  It thrilled me to watch someone experience something I will never do.  I just observed, so thankful to not need anything like that to bring me a sense of identity.   948 more words


Unopened. Since it had been sealed and stamped, the letter remained closed. Closed to reality, still suspended in time. Smeared pen and bent corners spoke off a long journey. 254 more words