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Handwritten Love Letters

Receiving and reading a handwritten love letter can be transformative, especially when you can read the handwriting.


Nothing kills the love letter mood more than having to stop and scrutinize a sentence just to figure out what it says and means. 521 more words


"All they are is mean": 4 ways to be classy when other women aren't.

Maybe it’s because, “..they just aren’t as pretty as you..”.

Or maybe they are hopelessly discontented with their own lives.

It could be that they are completely incapable of caring for other people’s feelings. 1,138 more words

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Live Colorfully: why your passions matter.

“A life lived colorfully is the only life lived at all.”

Every person–every living being– has the potential to add color to this world.

So what is holding some of us back?

416 more words
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Tonight's Forecast: Cold Beers and Warm, Blue-Black Ink at the Standard Tap

One of our favorite pubs to write a letter in is the Standard Tap, and we’re there every Tuesday in this suddenly steamy May. Join us from 7:02 p.m. 76 more words


If you love someone, never forget: remembering the reasons why you fell in love, even as the years keep passing by.

After nearly seven years, I still find myself smiling as I see him walk into a room.

I will always remember the moment we first met on that fateful night in early September. 674 more words

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The Solitude of Motherhood: the importance of balance in parenthood.

Solitude and motherhood are two words rarely ever found together in the same sentence. As a stay-at-home mother of a ten month-old, I have come to the realization–this needs to change. 823 more words


April Showers at the P.O.P.E.

Traffic jams, chilly rain and falling temps could not stop Publetters’ debut in South Philly at the Pub On Passyunk East.  The first letters were completed and stamped barely 30 minutes in; 163 more words