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Untitled poem

I missed a poem yesterday, but I’ve done multiple poems on previous days this month, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I’ve written a bit in my notebook today, so I thought I’d take a photo of a poem in there (and hopefully you can read my writing).


PhD update

The PhD is progressing quite quickly now and the work to date has covered:

  • transcribing one Middle English Manuscript
  • translating one Anglo-Norman poem for three separate audiences…
  • 178 more words


Thankyou note from Prasanna Puwanarajah; the design is based on the name of the play ‘Dara’, with the ‘Da’ cut and pasted to create ‘Rada’ (the acting school).



I’ve had my handwriting analyzed a few times over the years. Informally.

My cursive writing died years ago. I still attempt it. I’m too lazy to lift the pen off the paper at times. 249 more words


Writing with Violets: Parlour Chemistry c. 1800

As fascinating as I find dictionaries and the long s, I was worried that this blog just didn’t have enough color this week.  I decided to change that with the help of my backyard full of violets and a chemistry experiment in the guise of a party trick from about 1800. 626 more words


Love of Letters

I love letters. And I realize that there are a couple of ways to interpret this statement. I love actual physical letters – the letters of the alphabet. 265 more words

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