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A Simple, Two-Second 'Ring Finger' Personality Test

Jimmy Fallon badly injured his ring finger the other day and it has him out of commission for three weeks. If it changes length, it could change his personality! 209 more words


A Right Handful

So, my thanks go out to fellow blogger Cat Byrne for a comment which inspired me to revisit hands, in ink today. After some debate with myself, I made these sketches straight into ink using a small brush – I decided that doing a pencil drawing first might stop the lines from being flowing and spontaneous. 177 more words


Tom 365 - June 29, 2015

Emergency Room visit tonight. My daughter jammed her middle finger. Luckily there was no break.


I'm one hand down

Do you know how difficult it is to type with one hand?


I suffer from contact dermatitis. It’s a skin condition whereby by the skin flares up, itches and┬áblisters upon touching certain substances. 57 more words


Jimmy Fallon's Recent Surgery

On Friday evening, I turned on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and I was surprised it was a repeat because none of his other shows last week were repeats. 110 more words


Health and Wellness Plan

Programmers nowadays are in-demand here in the Philippines and abroad.┬áMany students take up computer related courses to become IT Professional or a programmer because of it’s big salary but becoming a good programmer is really difficult. 702 more words