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If You Use Your Imagination...

…like you do when reading my Earplug Adventures, you will recognise that the following piccie is actually an army of conical plants advancing across a lawn towards an unseen enemy – or perhaps those strange-looking trees over the back. 32 more words

Digital Photography

Home Park again

I went to Home Park again yesterday, if you go there early enough you have the park to yourself and it does feel like you’re sneaking in. 17 more words


Capture real life - week 12 - black and white

I had fun with this week’s challenge, capturing images in black and white (although as the instructions said, I was too shoot in colour and then apply black and white filters, so I also had fun experimenting with the various black and white filters in Lightroom). 115 more words


25. today i am a rat

sommat came up regardin’ me post about the photo of the grey lady of ‘ampton court and it was this: could i be photographed? and the answer is that in certain circumstances i can be snapped if the camera is quick enough – y’see, if you’ve been followin’ all me posts, you’ll have figured out by now that us polts are heard but rarely, if ever, seen – some pesky mediums can get through the veil and get a glimpse of us, often just a shadow or a dark shape, but generally we’re as invisible as the air you breathe –┬áif you took a photo in our direction, you would get nothin’, maybe a blur if we don’t move swiftly enough, but that’s all – just a blur – so smile, say cheese, and… booger off! 262 more words