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For the majority of my life I have experienced (and suffered) hearing voices and hallucinations. I have developed relationships with a lot of interesting people in my head. 100 more words

Mental Health

Sectioning under The Mental Health Act - is there a loophole?

The Mental Health Act 1987 (with substantial amendments made in 2007) in England and Wales is an order that aims to protect individuals with mental health problems, as well as protecting the wider population from people who present a danger to themselves or others. 1,004 more words


Can Psychology Disprove God?

Christianity and psychology have had a funny relationship. Sigmund Freud, an early psychologist, rejected God as a man-made illusion, which is not a great start to the relationship! 3,282 more words


It's been some time.

I perch down on the cold floor, pondering about you and it feels like a pain in the chest, ringing me down to my own horror of death. 139 more words


of him (one of two)

this one has really taken me a while:

he was the start of the fear
he began my inability to sleep every single night
he was why the night frightened me so much for years… 365 more words


Profiles in Dementia: Katherine Anne Porter's Granny Weatherall

In 1930, Katherine Anne Porter wrote a short story entitled “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” (click on the link to read the short story in a new window).   433 more words


I call it life

Some nights don’t end. While my mind sends me on a trip. They call this delusions.

I call it life.

I see things you cannot see. 175 more words