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I am borderline psychotic.

I can feel myself trying to slip, but the abilify is making it to where I can’t slip.  I’m not hallucinating anymore, and I do think it was a withdrawal symptom.   163 more words


Inside a manic mind.. 2

Help me, someone help me.

I am surrounded by bodies.

Touching me, stroking my head. Too close.

I can’t touch them, they seem unreal.

They are speaking to me, but the words are muddled. 7 more words


Hallucinations & Depression

Hey guys! So I know I haven’t written in a while, I’ve just been crazy busy with school, family matters and just life in general. I got an idea for a post today and I’m a little hesitant to write it if I’m being honest. 503 more words

About Danielle, "fondly" Known as Dani

There’s one major hallucination that I forgot to mention entirely.  Her name’s Danielle, but I call her Dani.  The thing about her is that she has this alter ego that she calls Cyra.   257 more words


Hallucinations and Such.

So, I have to admit, I’ve been hallucinating recently, though it’s more of my eyes playing tricks on me.  For example, I’m taking an Ethics class, and I was in the middle of a testing situation, and what happened is that the word changed. 152 more words


Eliminating Ecstasy The Your Everyday Regimen

There is a drug that is very popular at parties and raves that is illegally made all across the country. It is a stimulant known as XTC, X, or ecstasy. 267 more words

Drug Addiction