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Can You Hear Them?

Another poem that i feel like i should preface by saying “No, this is not something that I’ve had happen to me.” I told myself i wasn’t going to move or do anything else till i wrote something, so it ended up with me giving a glance at a mind with issues I’d rather not have. 96 more words

Mental Health Issues

Stress, Caffeine, and Hallucinations

How much caffeine do you drink? Over 2-3 cups a day? If you are also under high stress, you may be at risk for hallucinations, as Jones and Fernyhough have found (2009). 60 more words


A Dose of Psychosis

The first time I thought I was Jesus, I imagined people from all over the world coming to stand below our balcony in Hollywood, and clamoring to be near me. 377 more words


A Rare Visitor, a Poem


A pouring rain

Drenched the poet, Su, caused him to run scattered

My studies

I’d made a pot of tea

With Taiwanese jasmine for him… 143 more words

State Of Mind

Eulogy to a Dead House

There was once a place both wonderful and depraved, inhabited by trolls and intermittent Gods, stopping point for goblin angels and focal point for the extremes of human thought. 228 more words

A psychotic episode...

There’s a spiral, like a giant corkscrew cutting into my head. There’s a ringing, not in my ears but in my head, varying in volume and pitch. 323 more words


A side order of torture, anyone?

The ubiquitous ‘they’ say that sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

I tend to agree, especially after my last few torturous nights with Bumblebee. He’s in the middle of cutting his first tooth, if not a second on the way. 235 more words