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Wikipedia Poem, No. 62; Netanyahu 1

“That the battle but lose mountry, over infortunity.”

Netanyahu 1

     only disagreedom 
for a 
      wreat these neight 
-- the in the all threates of 
  challery, man 
       someone the regime, 
especial momen, 
than to war. 
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What does it feel like to hallucinate?

Trigger warning: short depiction of rape towards end.

Disclaimer: Describes my own experience only, I do not speak for others. I would be interested to hear how experiences differ between people. 511 more words

And Just A Touch Of Crazy

Consciousness being the only reality

We all know that we are able to see, touch, hear, smell and taste because of our consciousness. Some people see, touch, hear, smell and taste even though there is no external stimuli. 378 more words


in your breath

in your breath lies the taste

of wine thick with tannin

and terroir, grass with

a hint of sun

against my palate— i

taste it all down to your… 69 more words



Because she appeared, at first, cumbrous, out of place, I presumed her a lost West Indian manatee who, looking for warmer waters, made her winter way from the Gulf of Mexico through a brackish river to a shallow, tepid estuary in the suburbs of Fort Myers. 150 more words