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With 3 games left to play (and all 3 against teams who are going to be in the knockout stages of the tournament) it looks like Scotland will be the proud recipients of the coveted Wooden Spoon award for Pool A and quite possibly for the entire tournament as U.A.E seem to have a better scoring record. 251 more words

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An Excellent Failure

Truth in mind, fractured
So supple is this lie
Comforting old haggard body
Stay a short eternity
Oh seductive falsehood
Yes! Mental glass not gem… 19 more words


And Not To Mention The Tears I Shed..

I should have kicked your ass instead!

I’m thinking off buying the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet………. but I keep asking myself ”DO I REALLY NEED IT???” 278 more words


Inside a manic mind.. 24

It is a conspiracy.

‘They’ have bugged my house.

I have told my family.

But my family do no believe me.

My family say that I am not well. 35 more words

Mental Health

1. Disregarding my problems

For the most part, hallucination is subtle and cumulative, snagging the edges of your conscious mind and gently derailing your perception from the reality of the world around you. 827 more words


2. The Coincidence Threshold

Once you are aware that your senses are unreliable you start to develop ways of coping with them. For subtle distortions you rarely notice, though I suspect your subconscious is always paying attention and this is why the disease strongly affects your attitude and outlook. 1,027 more words