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Thirty Days of Rejection - Days 8 - 9

When rejection wasn’t talking, obsession was. Here and there another one showed up – idolatry. He just walked past, smiled and asked, “Remember me? Yeah, I’m still here.” Together, the three invaded her dreams during the second week. 2,139 more words

Psalms 42:7

A New Memoir by Ron Steinman

A New Memoir for your Consideration by Ron Steinman

For a reading experience like none you have ever had, I suggest you turn to “Survival Manual: A Memoir of Near Death, Illness and Survival.” Recently published by and available from Smashwords.com, at Barnes&Noble and most other eBook platforms, the price is affordable and well worth your time.

Wednesday Serial: Farther Part LXXX


Ryane’s fingers shifted around the hilt of the knife, rearranging her grip. The blade turned, caught the sunlight for half a moment. She blinked. For the space of a breath, she seemed to look at something between her and Seryn. 1,622 more words


Olfactory Hallucination

Since waking up this morning, I have been increasingly aware of a foul smell of rotting vegetation. It was only when I came in from walking the dog, my hoodie pulled over, hat pulled down, that I realised it was the palm of my hands ( more the right) which smelled so bad. 129 more words

weird stuff that happened to me that i can't scientifically explain

as a child i remember sometimes seeing shadow figures in the corner of my eye, or feeling like there were people in the room or like someone was staring at me when there was no one there. 620 more words

Narcolepsy Nights, Episode #342: Am I Still Dreaming?

Another night – going to bed late. *Sigh* It’s already 2:30 am in the morning …

At least you’re tired enough to fall asleep – quickly. 1,646 more words

History Senryū 24 Jun 2015

Aachen, Germany

Saint John’s dance swings through the town

All dance ’til they drop