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9# Sound Dodging.

Swerving to avoid an audio hallucination that no one else can see, in front of a (very long) queue at the library cafeteria. Scundered.


On investigation of channelling, telepathy and human behavior

I have difficulty on writing this article in an appropriate scientific report especially in dealing with appropriate format, review, methodology and discussion. It is always much easier to write informally. 4,896 more words


That feeling that blankets mid-morning,

Coaxing you back to slumber

So much unlike true sleep.

Your bones of liquid lead drag you down

Your mind is heavy, yet, your thoughts fly. 27 more words


Virtual Reality and hallucination

Here is an article that supports what I say about hallucinations. I am mainly going to quote here without much commentary:


Tart points out, “It is common to assume that we passively “see” what is out there, that the qualities of the visual world are inherent in the physical properties of objects and space.

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Reality has no death

If there is anything that could be left unanswered or doubted, it is the reality that surrounds us for we do not know if what is being projected to us, the bitter truth of realism or just a hallucination. 111 more words


Hallucinations in Hospital

I’ve just spent 5 days in hospital. Turns out I caught a nasty bug in Marrakech (most likely) and it made me pretty ill, so ill that I’m still going back for antibiotics twice a day. 314 more words

I Found a Penny

Day 21

I Found a Penny

Standing on the metro street

He was looking for something,

In suit-boot and tie

He seemed very rich;

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