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Good to Go! (DIY X-Wing Pilot Costume)

As you know, we are all HUGE fans of DIY Star Wars costumes here at M4P. Give us some fleece, duct tape, glue gun and an X-acto knife and we are ready to try just about anything! 150 more words

May The Fourth Be With You


Hey guys! So since it was snowing yesterday I decided to get out the Elsa costume I made for Halloween and take some photos in the snow. 40 more words


Pink Vader (DIY Girl Vader Costume)

Star Wars fandom proposes some problems for girls.  The majority of characters are male of course, but more importantly just about all official licensed merchandising is geared towards boys. 340 more words

May The Fourth Be With You

Princess Leia IS a Disney Princess! (DIY Princess Leia Costume)

At barely 2, our daughter was invited to her very first dress-up princess birthday party. Obviously she had to go as Princess Leia. Luckily for me, she didn’t know what a Disney princess was yet, so there were no objections. 631 more words

May The Fourth Be With You

Is New Jersey for Solbit? Maybe Not or Maybe

Dear Nicalai,

When we got off the Greyhound Bus in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, everything seemed normal.  When Cousin Susie and Tom picked us up in their car, everything still seemed normal, too, but, by the time we reached their home in Pittsgrove, something weird happened. 579 more words