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Down the rabbit hole: Panic! At the Disco "Hallelujah"

Today’s great premiere of Panic! At the Disco’s new single Hallelujah got me caught up on listening and watching it for hours. Try it once and you gonna do the same, promise. 138 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole


is a ridiculously powerful word. I watched this and my hatred for this clichéd song died. I felt anguish, emotion. I heard it for the first time. 50 more words

Panic! at the Disco Get Trippy in "Hallelujah" Video

It’s been several months since Panic! at the Disco debuted their new song, “Hallelujah,” but now the group is back with the official music video for said track. 374 more words

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Who Has Qualified Us to Share

Who Has  Qualified Us  to Share

There are a lot  of things  in life  that one must  qualify for:   to take part  in certain races  —  to be accepted  for a job  —  to graduate  at various educational levels  —  to be on a team  —  to fly an airplane  or drive a car  —  to write a computer program.     484 more words


None of Those Who Take Refuge in Him

None  of Those  Who Take Refuge  in Him

When nothing appears  to be going right  —  and evils  of all sorts  seem to be rapidly gaining  the upper hand  —  a Christian might be tempted   to wonder  if God will come  to the rescue.     459 more words


He Who Hates Disguises It With His Lips

He Who Hates  Disguises It  With His Lips

It seems  the longer one lives,  the more they see  the deceitfulness  of this world.     Deceitfulness  has existed  since the Garden of Eden,  but the more  God’s children experience it,  the more disturbed  they become  over it.     463 more words