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Haïti: l’ONU assure de son soutien actif dans le processus électoral - RFI

Avec plus de trois ans de retard sur le calendrier, Haïti a enfin lancé son processus électoral. Le pays s’apprête durant l’année 2015 à voter pour élire un nouveau président de la République, deux tiers de ses sénateurs, tous ses députés mais aussi l’ensemble des élus locaux et des maires. 48 more words


United Nations unveils slavery memorial | Miami Herald

Designed by Haitian-American architect Rodney Leon, The Ark of Return memorializes the estimated 15 million African men, women, and children who died during the transatlantic slave trade and the millions of others forced into plantation slavery in the Americas. 109 more words

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Haitians get a vote, finally - The Korea Times

Four years into his tenure as Haiti’s president, Michel Martelly, unfortunately, has ceased to govern his poor country, and now instead rules it through executive order. 111 more words


Stanford students introduce dry toilets in Haiti | Scope Blog

In the United States, we often take for granted the relationship between health and sanitation. Not so in Haiti, where some people dispose of their feces in plastic bags they throw into waterways. 71 more words


UN peacekeeping and rape: getting better—or worse? | Fox News

Even as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon claims victory in the battle against sexual abuse by members of U.N. peacekeeping missions, a leaked U.N. internal report charges that peacekeepers are likely under-reporting sex crimes and exploitation, taking too long to investigate them, and clinging to a “culture of impunity”  that bolsters sexual misdeeds. 93 more words

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Haiti’s expiring democracy - The Washington Post

Elected in 2011, Mr. Martelly has spent much of his time in office feuding with lawmakers over holding new elections, effectively paralyzing the country’s politics until the terms of most members of parliament expired in January. 113 more words