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A Visit to the hairdressers

Now to explain a few things, Heidi is not just a hairdresser. She has become a sort of personal friend. My usual good looks are in her hands to keep them good and anything that happens to the growth on my head is her responsibility. 507 more words


Art a form of expression!

An artist ,what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you read the phrase “an artist” ?

Is it maybe a painter who earns a lot of money or is it more then that . 331 more words

A good stylist gets inside your head, too

Don O’Connell has a serious issue with Charlie Brown’s friends. He is also, just for the record, not wild about any of the reindeer but Rudolph. 680 more words

Growing out gracefully: taking a break from bleach

I’ve been bleaching my hair for 15 years. It started with golden highlights courtesy of the streaking cap and crochet hook and has ended in expertly applied balayage. 311 more words