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Natural Hair Journey: #MissyBManeAttraction

Ladies, have you ever noticed that after you go natural, your hair has become thin? Well, I have now been natural for six years, but about two years ago I noticed that my new hair was still thinner than it was before I started getting my hair relaxed. 136 more words


Summer Hair Care

If you are anything like me, you have been lurking vacation Instagram accounts and planning a 2015 summer bucket list since last November. Now that the summer is finally upon us, guurrrl, you have got to remember to care for your hair as much as you do your dewy, tanned skin! 995 more words


Protect Your Hair from the Pool with These 6 Tricks

There’s not much in life that Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply to. When it comes to hair color maintenance, the paradox is alive and well: We spend all spring plotting our perfect summer hair color, only to have it turn a startling green the first time we go swimming. 603 more words


Happy Tresses!

Aaaaaaa ! Eeks eeks eeks ! What the hell is this? Whyyyyy? Sounds like you? ‘Cause each time you brush your hair , oil it or wash it all you get is hairfall? 390 more words

Rule The Ramp

How To Deal With Natural Hair During Exams

Yeah, I know how it feels too. Your hair amibitions are quickly forgotten, you hair decides to be in a bad mood & make your life harder, you throw on scarves as a last resort, your hair is breaking from neglect but you value your CGPA more for now etc. 1,009 more words

Blue mixed with Putple Topped with a Tint of Pink

It has recently come to my attention that the Duck Store in Eugene, which is where I am hoping to work at when I transfer in the fall, is humongous and surprisingly – much like our own Iowa State UBS – a bunch of students want to work there. 378 more words

The Owner's Manual for Naturally Wavy Hair

Perfect waves are coveted far and wide by the straight-haired and curly-haired alike, but if you were born with naturally wavy hair, then you’re already well aware that sometimes your texture feels like a curse rather than a blessing. 658 more words