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The Reunion

One of the great indicators that I cannot ‘write for shit,’ is a great inability to succeed in Writing Forum Competitions:  the on-line writing, hour’s playtime project – kind of activity.   432 more words


New Bookworm

Well, seems my poem from 2012 kind of underwhelmed the world.  Scroll on readers and you shall discover my original first draft of ‘Honeymoon,’ currently drafted to bits, and dead-headed twice already.   293 more words


Congrats to the USA! #loveislove

So, June 26th, 2015 is now the USA’s day to be PROUD!
because they finally followed the same suit that Canada did and approved nation wide that same sex marriages were legal. 390 more words

Life's Little Dramas


So, I created this blog, because I don’t just want to make posts about my previous subjects, because in a way, that kind of writing disconnects me from my readers, and I think a lot of people treated my blogs like the way one would treat wikipedia, which is okay, but still, its not like some other blogs out there I see (and like) that write more like the way I’m writing now. 91 more words


Camp Nanowrimo

I am going to challenge myself this summer by participating in Camp Nanowrimo! I haven’t written anything in an awfully long time.

That’s because I always have an excuse. 333 more words


Awkward Introductions and More

Hi there, and welcome to this blog full of rantings and random stuff! I used to have another WordPress blog where I posted book reviews. But… 434 more words


Postblow: Hahahahahaha

Braves 1, Mets less than 1



Harvey with the L.