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We All Have That One Friend...(light heart-ed, easy read)

Hello my lovely readers! Thank you for reading and being awesome! If you have a blog you think I should read, I would be more then happy too, so leave it in the comments below..Lets get into this blog already shall we?  403 more words


Second Breakfast

Well yesterday I applied for fifteen jobs. No call backs yet. Hopefully something soon though. Switching jobs right now was probably not the best thing to do but I don’t care. 29 more words


You see, what had happened was…

I was tripping through wires
Lost in a rhythmic beat of sorts
Downloading serendipity’s strategy
A pattern of unending centrifugal lore… 64 more words



Hello again my lovely readers! Well as the title says, this week for me has been really embarrassing for me mortifying even. So I’m going to tell it like a story: 613 more words


A Little Ball Of Stress And A LinkedIn Article

Last night I was centimeters away from being asleep when I awoke in a panic about this application I sent in for a job for next year. 218 more words

Daily Do