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The Truth left me with no Friends?

Many attribute the saying “The truth left me with no friends” to Imam Ali (as). After some research I have not been able to find this in any of the Shia or even Non-Shia books of Hadiths. 183 more words


Hadith: Envy

Narrated Ibn Masud (Radi-Allahu ‘anhu):

I heard the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam) saying, “There is no
envy except in two:
1. a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it… 45 more words

Sahih Hadith

Knowledge searches for Action, If it does not find it, It will Depart !

Question: What is your advice regarding acting upon knowledge?

Answer by Shaykh Al-‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah):

It is mandatory that a person acts upon his knowledge, because  275 more words