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Early Hacker Cultures

Can Hackers Be Heroes? | Off Book | PBS Digital Studio, 2013

Steven Levy Talks about Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution – 25th Anniversary Edition, with Dale Dougherty, 2010… 26 more words

Learning How to Hack in a Bro’s World: A Women’s College Student Perspective

This is a guest post from Cali Stenson and Karina Chan. Cali Stenson is a sophomore at Wellesley College majoring in computer science and minoring in math. 656 more words

Hacktivists: Cyber Terrorists Or Modern Heroes

Hacktivistm is a blend between the words hacking and activism. The definition of the word, is the non-violent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends. 695 more words

Hacker Culture

The origin of Hackers

The art of hacking, is as old as humanity itself. Hackers have always been a part of our society. Their existence is evident in our mythology and stories. 752 more words


How do Hackers earn money

Have you ever wondered how do hackers make money? We hear a lot of stories during the news about successful hacking attempts. Hackers that stole millions of e-mails accounts, hacked into banks or just hacked something. 488 more words


The Different Groups of Hackers

Hackers are a nefarious group of characters, rising concern and interest whenever they are mentioned. The term hacker had many meanings over the years. During the 60s, a hacker was a computer specialist that advocated the use of open source software. 567 more words

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