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Habits That Lead to Success

There are many ‘little’ things that lead to a successful life style. Being Successful makes one feel great; it makes you feel accomplished and more confident. 283 more words



Thought I’d start off this post with the above cover of a modern song. It’s a lovely cover, isn’t it?

This is going to be a difficult post for me to write. 375 more words

Falling off the health horse

Sun. Why is it so bright in here? You peel open an eye and painfully look  around. You missed your early alarm. There’s a plate on the dresser with a half eaten piece of Dominos and a glass with something that looks like it could clean an engine. 324 more words



I know, I know.  Comparing my relationship problems to the turning point in a bitter world war is a bit dramatic, but I really don’t care.   656 more words


Taking India to the World

How do you change the perspective of India as a country of the snake charmer, yogis with magic powers and a place of filth and squalor? 359 more words


Bad Habit

You are the bad habit I couldn’t let go off.

You gave me motivation to push through this habit. A habit that I can’t control. It is just so fucking majestic, especially when I linger. 109 more words