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7 ordinances snazzy people abide by

Here’s a fact: Anyone with a credit card can stroll into Selfridges or Neiman Marcus and emerge looking like Fashion with a capital F. But here’s another one: Very few people—credit cards or not—can be considered women of genuine style. 1,021 more words


Do Anything Different

Across the many books I read and videos I’ve watched, one common theme came up for starting to change your current reality as it is. And that is, to do something, anything, different, then how you used to do it. 294 more words


From generation to generation

The passing of customs and traditions is what people do. The customs and traditions guide younger people in living that has been tested. The testing is done in each generation within the boundaries of the existing ways of being. 152 more words

Energy Guidance Complete

59 Days of No Solid Food!

I’ve gone 59 days without solid food and I have 25 more days to go.  I don’t actually mind the 900 calorie a day shakes only diet.   201 more words


Drips and floods

I’ve always been interested in how other people write. I look at books on the subject of writing with a combination of intrigue and skepticism (I mean, really, some people’s writing schedules/idiosyncrasies amaze and astound me). 460 more words


Something i came across a few days back an article in The Times of India titled, “9 Ways in Which WhatsApp Ruined Us”, made me pen down my complete thinking process down here. 823 more words


hello new good habit goodbye old bad ones

Recently I have been busy reading plenty of self help books in order to understand basically how to walk this path of change. My advice? Don’t reed too much. 591 more words