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CeBIT 2015, Day 4 and closing notes

The weather kept up but there was a brisk breeze as we headed out to the Messe for the final visit. By now we had been to all the halls and seen all that was available, and the purpose of this day was to go and check out some things again. 445 more words



I decided to move my previous blog to WordPress, as  this one seems easier to use and have realized is more popular between bloggers.

If its the first time you ever hear of me, then you might want to know some facts about me : 143 more words


What makes a good conference?

Encounters 15 is an academic conference, so obviously the focus is on the content. However, will that solely make a good conference? Content is the reason why bunch of people gather in one place to discuss it. 467 more words


The Beauty Of Porvoo

Porvoo Town

This old town is located approximately 50 km from Helsinki. It was founded 800 years ago. This lovely town owns old wooden buildings. It is pretty nice to see these in red and yellow. 336 more words


Printing gears, part I

Gears are an interesting set of things to print. With gears you can make all kinds of things, and if you run an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, you can significantly extend the toolbox when you can design custom gears. 1,179 more words

3D Printing