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Monster Gallery: Aliens (1986)

Building the Hive miniature.

The Hive and Eggs.

Building the running Facehugger.


Building the Chestburster.

On set.

Winston’s concept of the Alien hand.

Sculpting. … 34 more words

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StarBeast -- Part IIa: Aliens

Hans Ruedi Giger, the original Alien designer, did not return to work on Aliens.┬áNone of the filmmakers involved in the project contacted the artist, whom at the time was attached as a creature designer to… 5,302 more words

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What is an Artist exactly?

Wait you’re an artist? How are you going to make money like that? Oh you like to draw, that sounds like fun, but you need a real job. 1,380 more words


Will Sigourney Weaver reprise her role as Ripley for Neil Blomkamp produced "Alien" film???

20th Century Fox has officially closed a deal with “District 9″ and “Chappie” director Neill Blomkamp to develop the next “Alien” film. Blomkamp is not set to direct, he’s just the producer. 183 more words


'Alien' and weird sex, part 1 of 2: Alien naughty bits (this post contains creepy space creature genital stuff, potentially NSFW)

In my opinion, Ridely Scott’s ‘Alien’ and it’s successors have had one of the greatest creations in the horror genre, H. R. Giger’s (and later Tom Woodruf jr’s) terrifying aliens. 575 more words


The Greatest Movie Never Made?

I was doing some perusing around http://www.imdb.com and found a surprising list of movies that a lot of great directors were originally intending to make but instead had to either do it the Studio Way or not at all. 770 more words


Happy Birthday, H.R. Giger

Check out this cool VHS rip of on the set and behind the scenes work on Alien, featuring a great soundtrack by Joel Vandroogenbroeck of the band Brainticket 32 more words