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Do Dreams Come True for Disney Workers? More Like Undone

I tossed and turned for half the night after reading this article. If I needed further reason to believe our country is going to hell in a hand basket, this is it. 751 more words


TCS, Infosys Say They Are Fully Compliant With Visa Rules

Being probed for alleged visa rule violations in the US, Indian software services giants Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys said on Friday they are “fully compliant” with the immigration rules. 407 more words


Building Your H-1B Visa Team

The road to getting your H-1B visa approved is a multi-step process involving three government bureaucracies, your employer and you. The reason for the many steps and different agencies is to ensure the information you submit is consistent. 485 more words

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' American Disney blacklist of American tech workers '

@AceBreakingNews – USA:June.09: (DAILY CALLER) The American tech workers Disney laid off in January after forcing them to train their foreign replacements were put on a… 141 more words

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Where’s the Outrage, Mr. President?

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Where’s the outrage, Mr. President, when the New York Times just reported that at least 250 Disney World employees have been discharged, with many forced to train their own foreign replacements that have temporary H-IB work visas? 507 more words

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Spouses of Immigrant Guest Workers Now Able To Apply For Work Permits

As of this past Tuesday, the US Department of Homeland Security has extended employment eligibility to a new category of immigrant – dependent spouses of working immigrants (H-1B immigrants). 203 more words