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Day 8: Death Valley

Death Valley was by far the most interesting part of our drive. Temperatures can reach upwards of 120F during the summer months. Thankfully its only May and that’s still a snowy “winter” month on the west coast. 95 more words


Other Roles of Windemere

There are several paths besides warriors and casters.  Many of them overlap with the two, but there are reasons they are here.  Not only because I didn’t want the other posts to go too long. 401 more words


Neighborhoods: Exploring Budapest's gritty 8th District

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A gritty Budapest neighborhood that’s been compared to parts of New York City is hoping to attract visitors with a new tour about its history and unique ethnic mix. 654 more words


Mad Markers of Mansions: myth or miscreants?

You smell gas, your legs no longer work, your husband sees a dark stranger outside, a neighbour picks up a cloth, sniffs it and keels over . 704 more words

Ever wanted to just hit the road and run?

Have you ever wanted to just hit the road with the most important people in your life? Just hit the road and not stop! Have no permanent residence just keep going! 274 more words


Drama in a Gypsy Camp near Moscow (1908)

Alternate Title: Drama v tabore podmoskovnykh tsygan

This very short Russian movie came out shortly after “Stenka Razin,” and was produced by Drankov… 322 more words


Day 5: Petrified Forest National Park, Painted Desert, Sedona

We left El Morro and traveled to Arizona’s Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. It was incredibly cold and windy that day.

The National Park that houses the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert is a 26 mile drive with plenty of scenic stops and hikes. 120 more words