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Scruffy Bob the Gypsy, His Ugly Daughters, and the Magic Root

For The Daily Prompt: What A Twist!

Scruffy Bob and his three teenage daughters had spent the entire summer passing through old, German towns. Now, the sounds of the squeaky wheels of his fortune-teller’s, wagon pierced through the forest like an angry wail. 961 more words

Human Interest

The tender task of tackling the Travellers . . .

Last week, this column mentioned some of the issues that concern readers — often topics that politicians avoid — and one was Travellers (capital T, see below). 798 more words

Sweden – A new paradise for Romani beggars

Thanks to the European Union and freedom of movement that follows with membership Sweden has been flooded with gypsies from Eastern Europe.

Most member states have cracked down hard on the phenomenon of organized begging with legislation and forceful evictions so the Romani (colloquially known as Gypsies) who are engaged in this venture have moved their business to the country where it is most profitable. 754 more words


Swedish state promises more money to gypsies without Swedish citizenship

I’ve been planning on writing about this topic for ages but there has been so much madness happening I haven’t had the time. Luckily for me… 373 more words


Cante ... Toque ... Baile ... Palmas

CanteToqueBailePalmas …. These are the four words which shortly and very well describe one of most passionate dances and music – … 434 more words

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Rosanna Lee’s life has been the gypsy caravan and travelling from farm to farm with her parents who do seasonal work. Then Mrs Lee dies and Mr Lee reacts badly; he becomes harsh, bitter and – to Rosanna’s dismay – gives up the gypsy way of life. 56 more words